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Super Secret Investors Society

Super Simple Self-Storage Mastermind

Self-Storage Mastermind For Beginners

Stacy has spent the last several years systematizing and automating her storage facilities so that she can easily run them from her phone or tablet and only spend a few hours each week working on them.

She teaches others not only how to find abandoned storage facilities, but how to buy them with little money down and no banks.

Plus, she focuses on your six departments and teaches you how to manage them: office, marketing, acquisitions, finance, management and liquidations.

If you have been wanting to invest in storage facilities, but just don’t know where to start or what to do next, this this Mastermind is perfect for you.

Jeanine B

Stacy guided me through my first storage purchase step-by-step. I was nervous, but its turning out to be one of the greatest passive income purchases I have made.

Jude H

Stacy has been teaching me everything there is to know about investing in storage facilities and I’m actively looking for my first one now.

Melissa S

Just one day with Stacy #DrivingForStorageFacilties and within one hour we found an abandoned storage facility. Stacy showed me how easy it is to find the owner! We also called a few as well so I could see her in action.

Real Estate Investing for Beginners MAStermind

Real Estate Investing for Beginners Mastermind

Have you been spending the last few months or few years trying to get deals under contract, but just can’t quite get them?

Stacy Rossetti has been investing in real estate for almost ten years now and has done every type of deal there is out there from wholesaling, rehabbing, owner financing, creative deals, commercial, storage facilities, and rentals. You name it, she has done it!

Now she wants to help you to get your first or next deal! If you have been struggling to get a deal or if you are a complete newbie and just don’t know where to start, this Mastermind is perfect for you.

Phillip A

Stacy has coached me through many deals and is always there for me when I have a questions and has been for many years.

James N

Stacy is always there for me when I need advice on any deal I am working on. She has been a mentor since I hired her several years ago and I can always count on her to give me honest advice.

Myra K

“Stacy has been a coach and mentor for me for many years. I have been through her coaching program and anytime that I need help, I know I can always contact her to guide me through whatever questions I have on any type of deal out there.”

Systematizing Your Rehabs to Scale Up MAstermind

Systematizing Your Rehabs to Scale Up Mastermind

Now that you have a couple of rehabs under your belt you are now ready to scale up and start doing 3, 4, 5 or 10 rehabs at a time.

The only issue is that you are always running around like a chicken with your head cut off when you are doing only 2 or 3 rehabs at once.

How can you organize, systematize and automate your rehabbing business so that you manage 5 or 10 rehabs at a time?

This is the Mastermind for you. Stacy has been teaching investors how to systematize their rehabs for many years now and has taught hundreds of investors her step-by-step approach.

If you feel you need to internally manage all your rehab chaos better go ahead and check this Mastermind out now.

Chantelle O

Stacy has been a mentor and friend for years and pushed me to stay on track when I needed help with my renovations and growing my business.

Zerius C

I hired Stacy as a coach to help guide me through setting up my vacation rental business. She helped me to analyze deals, hire contractors and set up scope of works and spec sheets through me first couple of deals so I could systematize them thereafter.

Greg L

I hired Stacy in early 2019 to coach me through the rehabbing process and help me with my next deal. She walked me step-by-step through my next deal and taught me all her internal office strategies to scale up. Now I am ready for the next deal and to implement her systems.

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